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Websin provides its proven structure and knowledgeable staff to give hardware and software support in On-site mode. The service provided includes 2 levels of proficiency, Standard and Advanced.

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Detailed description of the service

Websin provides its proven structure and skilled staff to give hardware and software support  in On-site mode to users or in specific internal projects of the client company. This allows the client to incorporate our operational staff into their workforce on medium- or long-term in-house projects. For multi-hour packages consult our: 

On-site intervention on call



Using in-house staff for this delicate and important service heavily affects the costs of the facility in particular and the company in general, which is why outsourcing this service, either entirely or only for specific and targeted time-limited activities.

Levels of service:

Standard: the service intervenes on Windows systems, clients and peripherals by giving support to users. Activities include hardware support, software support on applications, technology refresh, antivirus management, and more.

Advanced: The service intervenes on Windows and Linux networks and systems and will also operate on servers and switch-router network equipment (Networking).

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Level of service:

10 days – Standard, 10 days – Advanced, 20 Days – Standard, 20 days – Advanced, 30 days – Standard, 30 days – Advanced, 50 Days – Standard, 50 days – Advanced


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