Computer equipment inventory

Hardware Cespitation Service
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Service Description.

The inventory or cespitation service consists of detailed cataloging of the client company’s computer equipment.

If you are tired of dealing with the complexity and worries in keeping track of your devices, then our Cespitation service is the answer you have been looking for. It revolutionizes the way you keep inventory of your hardware, PCs and notebooks, making it easier to maintain and ‘upgrade. The service includes cespitation, labeling of hardware and possibly packaging.

Everything in view

Great for cataloging and keeping track of all your company’s products, with a unique code for each device.

The service is provided in the following manner:

  • Data collection of computer equipment (type-brand-model-serial number, etc.)
  • Inventory database compilation
  • Assignment and application with adhesive label of internal code/serial

The total cost of the service is related to the number of cespit devices.

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